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Tartan Day NY 2017 | Scotties & Westies

Presenting Scotties & Westies on parade at Saturday’s New York Tartan Day Parade! Photos by Monica McLaughlin, Westie, Missy Paulette’s owner. Check out With Our Westies Wow Meet-up site (Scotties welcome, too)983897_10154493036498339_8426039248701588501_n17795888_10154490281723339_5706948326724823071_n17807198_10154491390203339_6291089527200535833_o17835010_10154491592038339_6648586643125141026_o17835176_10154491583913339_3408194472688466121_o17861765_10154490278428339_5275925126970465086_n17879833_10154493158163339_7709510374103867465_o17834764_10154491413303339_4637114377870041294_o


Molly and Kenzie



Molly & Kenzie

Molly & Kenzie


Meet Molly!


P is for…Pink & Pretty & Summer

Celebrating Summer and Pink and Scotties.

  1. Pink shoe
  2. Pet Bowl
  3. Pink Plaid Dog Leash
  4. Pink Dog Collar
  5. Happy Summer Print
  6. Scottie Cupcakes
  7. Pink flowers. Pinterest
  8. Patchwork Fabric

Out and About…Thrifty Gas

One of the vintage treasures we found in the Highland St. Cafe in Mount Dora, Florida. Instagram photo.

The Daily Fancy

On our recent visit to Mount Dora, Florida, The Modern Scottie Dog found these Scottie and Scottish treasures at Legacies on Highland Street. “Legacies is your Mount Dora Welcome Center with a sophisticated mix of quality and intellectually stimulating merchandise in a small store.

We fetched this week…

1. (verb) fetch
go or come after and bring or take back, bring, get, convey, take, bring in, mystify, make, experience.

In case you missed these posts… 1. Duff in his Tartan attends MN Tartan Day, 2. Brandy’s portrait in his Tartan, 3. MSD brings you the news, Brandy Barks4. Brandy and Duffy dress up, Happy Spring, 5. Chocolates and Scotties for Easter, Sweet finds for Easter, 6. Pop graphics for posh pets by Jonathan Adler.