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Scotties and its fall #backtoschool


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Happy July 4th

ETSY discount for MSD readers

Copper and Tin, a shop on ETSY that we featured in our Father’s Day gift feature is offering MSD readers a 10% discount off a purchase. Just use the coupon code SCOTTIE10 to receive the discount. It’s a beautifully curated shop of vintage treasures including this Scottie etching listed at $28! Hurry it will be gone soon!

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Father’s Day / Things we love

We’ve curated some fun gift ideas for your Scottie Dad! #thingswelove


 CardStrikealiteTypewriterTieHatGlassPlanter,  EtchingBoxArtPrintWhiskeyCufflinks




Our updated Facebook cover art


We love our new updated Modern Scottie Dog Facebook cover art by the super talented illustrator/designer/Scottie mom! Valeria Moldovan, of Bucharest, Romania. You can find her on Facebook and view all of her lovely illustrations of Scotties. She will do custom drawings, too. For all sharing or reposting of this graphic design please credit ©ValeriaMoldovan artwork and ©ModernScottieDog blog. Thank you. 

McD’s Monopoly ad feat the Scottie

The new McDonald’s Money Monopoly TV spot features the Scottie Dog playing piece. “100 million prizes that’s more prizes than all the Scottish Terriers in the US”

Link to the ad

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Angus and the Ducks Library Card Art

May we present – Angus and the Ducks art print by Vickie Moore available in her ETSY shop, Winged World

“This is a print of my painting of Angus the Scottish terrier and two ducks done on a library card catalog card for the book “Angus and the Ducks.” The print is done on ivory card stock paper to replicate the look and feel of card catalog cards, which librarians typed up on index cards. It measures 3 x 5 inches, the same as a real card. The print ships in a clear archival sleeve tucked into a protective cardboard photo mailer.

More about Vickie

I love to rescue obsolete library card catalog cards and turn them into pieces of art. I hope you enjoy my efforts to repurpose these historic little literary treasures that are otherwise destined for the garbage heap of history. Here’s what one reviewer had to say about my cards:

“…(T)his repurposing of the dearly departed card catalog cards of the not too distant past (some of them for beloved books of our youth) is just too cool for school. It almost makes one miss the card catalog less.”

I rescue most of the cards from libraries with the help of kind-hearted librarians. It’s fascinating to look through my collection and imagine what kind of art would suit each one best. One of my favorite parts of the process is researching imagery that could go on a card. Then I get busy drawing and painting, being careful not to cover over important words on a card, like the book’s title or the subject listing.

I’ve found cards that are more than 60 years old, and some that came from the 1990s — the decade that most libraries appear to have switched from card catalogs to computers. Despite their age, most of the cards are in surprisingly good condition. I guess it pays to spend your life hidden away in a dark drawer! Other cards — especially those for well-loved children’s books — have a trace of grime and gentle scuffing on the top corners, just like vintage books. Seeing that reminds me of the countless little boys and girls who went searching through a card catalog for the perfect book.

Animals and prints

I don’t have a dog right now (mine passed away) but I do have a shared stake in a neighborhood cat whose family moved away without him. We feed him and he rewards me and my kids with purring and let’s us pet his soft fur. We also have an aquarium full of fish.  I have several dog art cards in my shop, including “Angus and the Ducks, ” “Clifford the Big Red Dog,” “Where the Red Fern Grows,” “Harry the Dirty Dog,” “Call of the Wild” and a “Wizard of Oz” card with a vintage-style illustration of Dorothy and Toto.