Duffy Barks

Six-year-old Minneapolis Duffy, McDuff Angus, came into our lives as a puppy from a family breeder in Wisconsin. Everyone said this is not a dog for beginners! Well, he is willful and stubborn but also the most lovable and fiercely loyal breed there is and we couldn’t imagine our life without him! Duffy sadly passed away November 24, 2012.



6 responses to “Duffy Barks

  1. Hello Girls – Can’t wait to read about your experience at the Highland St Cafe in Mt Dora FL with all of it’s Scotty dog decor! Great eggs and coffee, even better service. Forres Scotland is their sister-city. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Lake County.

    • We’re having a great time in Mount Dora, FL, making new friends and enjoying the sites – what a great find, the Highland St. Cafe filled with all things Scottie! Highlights of the trip coming soon…

  2. I have a 4 year old Scottie named Duffy! Your Duffy is adorable!

  3. I live in south Florida. Next trip north, I will look up this café. Love Scotties – now have 3 year old BEAR , loss my Missy a few years ago. Love my golden retriever too but Bear is all Scotty & keeps the household rocking !!!

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