Sisters and Scotties

Sisters and Scotties…We are two sisters living in MN and CA, both passionate about our Scottie dogs, blogging, and photography.


6 responses to “Sisters and Scotties

  1. OK….how cool are you!!!????? Found you thru my friend Nan…..err…Stuart at The Scottie Chronicles. LOVE your blog.

  2. Oh good Lord! What a sweet picture of you two! Wonder if my peep ever had a dress like one of those? I’ll have to ask Her. NO WAIT… I’m sure She did. You’ve heard of poodle skirts? Maybe She had a Scottie skirt? No wait…She’s not that old. I don’t think.

    Hi Cheryl!

    ArooooOOOOOO to you, too! Stuart

  3. Glad you love my peep’s dresses. I do too! Brandy

  4. Madeleine and Gingersnap! (the pups) have this to say: Hi Brandy and Duffy! We are just regular mutts; our moms don’t know for certain what we are. But we are adorable and we love Scotties too!! Well, we love any and all dogs, even our big dumb cousin Chester, who is not a Scottie. He’s not even our cousin. We don’t know what he is actually, except he’s big and dumb. Anyway, we could go on and on, but it’s not our blog. Woof!

    The humans have this to say: Hi! Love your blog, and wishing you much success on Modern Dog Life! We can’t wait till launch day!

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