Scottie Treasures


Over the years we have collected vintage and antique Scottie Dogs from the ’30’s to the ’80’s. The iconic dog breed has never lost popularity for collectors of vintage canine art and collectibles. Try your luck finding these and more at thrift & antique shops, swap meets, Ebay, Etsy and estate sales. Edited photo images make great DIY wrapping paper, greeting cards and photo art prints. Here are some of our favorite pieces – we especially like the souvenir Scotties. photos credit connie singergreen_souvenir_scottiewood_souvenir_scottie_sizedred bank side

scottie brooch blue jktscottie brooch headscottie white dish 2


6 responses to “Scottie Treasures

  1. We love Scotties and everything Scottie.


    I have this green wee one and its pink partner. Found them at a roadside antique place years ago in WI and just didn’t have the heart to leave them behind. A sweet twosome they are. Sent from my Jitterbug

  3. So much fun to search for and especially find Scottie Items! I do that whenever I can! Currently I am looking for a small (MINI) knit sweater that has a little black Scottie on the front. The tiny sweater is on a tiny clothes hanger and can be used as a Christmas ornament on a tree. I saw one on The Indy and Lucy blog. It is so cute!
    Thank you so much for these darling vintage Scottie finds!

  4. Oh my mum loves Scottie Treasures!! She got lots for her birthday just last week and she says they remind her of me!!
    Lots of licks, your new friend Morrie!

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