Molly and Kenzie



Molly & Kenzie

Molly & Kenzie


6 responses to “Molly and Kenzie

  1. Molly reminds me of the way that Sophie hangs on to her big sister Shelby. They are so cute together.

  2. Hey, you guys have been mighty quiet. Everything OK?

    • Hi Nan, wow sorry not keeping super up to date with things over at MSD! Yep we are both busy with Molly Kenzie Angus and Winston! Starting to see how difficult it is to manage content across several social media channels – instagram, blog, Facebook, twitter UGH! I just sent my first and only son off to college at Drake University. He’s happy and its hard so I am completely wrapped up in his state of being as a typical helicopter mom and its not been easy in the empty nest. I would like to be a lot busier it’s hard freelancing. Hope all is well with you and Stuart!

      • How lovely to hear from you! Yes indeedy my friend, it’s tough – twitter, tumblr, blogging, pee mail, pinterest – it’s too much! And freelancing IS HARD. Wooot! But it’s nice to hear from you. Give yours the biggest hugs.

  3. Look at these cuties! So sweet. Much love, The Scottie Mom.

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