A Scottie Biscottie!

Love} thanks Stuart for sharing!

The Scottie Chronicles

Oh. Get ready for this my friends.

I recently became aware of artist Loryn Brantz. She does the coolest Animals on Desserts illustrations.

So, in my suavest of suave email voices, I sent her a little note suggesting that she might think about doing a biSCOTTIE. Because, after all, it’s moi. And why shouldn’t she? Never mind she’s written a couple of books and, uh, won a couple of Emmy awards and stuff like that. She should interrupt her day and do it. Yes?

Well, the rest is history. She must have liked me, because LOOK WHAT SHE DID:


AN ALMOND BISCOTTIE! Just for me. And you!

Thank you my friend, Loryn, you’re the best.


Check out her Animals on Desserts illustrations and her website. Sweet! And I do mean SWEET!

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One response to “A Scottie Biscottie!

  1. We are a fan of Stuart and have seen this before. TOO CUTE!

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