May we present: Scottie Harvey

Angus and Winston recently met a new Scottie in the neighborhood. We would like to introduce you to Harvey, born July 26th, 2011, and found his forever home 4 months later on December 4th. His owner was kind enough to share some things about him. “When he came for his in-home visit on the 4th he bounded into our home and our hearts! With an inquisitive and playful personality, he is always up for running around the yard or chomping on his tennis ball. Although some may prefer the summer, Harvey loves rolling and burrowing in the snow, usually staying outside until his fur is completely filled with snowballs!”  Take a look…

Harvey 3 Harvey 5 Harvey_1363 Harvey Harvey1 Harvey4 HarveyLeaves_1356 HarveySnow


4 responses to “May we present: Scottie Harvey

  1. He is definitely a beautiful boy. We only have one other Scottie in our immediate neighbor. He is a rescue, like Shelby and came from the same rescue organization Scottish Terrier rescue of the Southeast.

  2. I just love him !!

  3. Linda Montgomery

    What a great neighbor! If Harvey has no objections, I’d like to put his picture on our rescue site’s Facebook page one day, Texas Scottie Rescue Fund, because he’s so picturesque in so many seasons. It’s always nice to see happy Scottie photos. Thanks and keep publishing as long as you can, please. Linda Montgomery


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