May we present…Rufus

MSD recently came across photos of this sweet Scottie boy, Rufus on Instagram, tothemoon111. Here is a little info about Rufus: “Hi, My name is Rufus.  I am nine and I love the beach, my family, food and chasing balls (not necessarily in that order).  I live in North West England which is my adopted home, because I am of course Scottish by blood.  I am lucky to live by a big sandy beach and pinewoods so there is plenty of space for me to run around and lots of smells to sniff.  My family like to holiday in the wild highlands of Scotland so I often go back to the home of my ancestors.  When I am not out and about, I like to watch TV, especially nature programs.  I have been known to go round the back of the TV to see where the animals have gone when they go off screen (but don’t tell anyone, cos that’s just silly right?)”

R5 R4 R3 R2 R1


8 responses to “May we present…Rufus

  1. Thank you MSD from Rufus ❤

  2. Hi Rufus! Nice to meet you and your cute Scottie self. Much love, The Scottie Mom.

  3. OH MY DAWGNESS!! Are these the BEST pictures?????? See, this is why I’m not on Instagram. I couldn’t stop looking at all the PICTURES!!!!

    AROOOOOO Rufus!!!!! Stuart

  4. Me too live near the beach, but I’m far from you. I’m Pimenta and I live with my owner in Rio, yes in Brazil. Do you want to hear from me soon, ande see my fotos? Mum has a blog and also na email. You’re cut.
    Pimenta and Maria Tereza Rodrigues

  5. Very nice blog. We just entered “Scottie World” with our own little Wheaten. Like Rufus we live at the beach in St Augustine Florida so naturally, we named our boy Augie. Suspect he’ll make a fine pirate too.

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