First Aid to Animals Girl Scout Scottie Badge

Newly acquired to add to MPLS Connie’s Scottie collection this First Aid to animals Girl Scout badge featuring a Scottie Dog! Check out eBay seller Girl Scouting With Annelies.

Screen shot 2013-03-21 at 8.50.00 AM


8 responses to “First Aid to Animals Girl Scout Scottie Badge

  1. Brilliant and what a great thing to be teaching the kids. Pawsome!

  2. Who knew? The peep didn’t have one of these when She was a scout. Very cool! I’ll bet there’s a “Scottie something” in just about every category on earth, don’t you? Patches, games, lunchboxes, you name it.

  3. Y’all’ve been mighty quiet. Hope things are OK.

    roo. stu.

    • Stuart, thanks for asking! The peeps have been busy and out of town. Kenzie and Brandy are getting along well, getting to be best buds! The peeps at MSD shoot lots of photos to our Instagram accounts at Venturascottie and Angus at Diorinspired. FYI lots of Scottietude in photos from igramers around the world. Angus is fitting in well, his peeps are busy, too, and everyone is looking forward to a little Scottie puppy brother arriving some time in May.

  4. Janice langston

    Where can I get some of thee badges? We’re taking a troup to the dog show in July…would be a great badge for them!

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