May we present…Kenzie


XOXO to all of our Scottie and Westie friends! Today is a special day because  Kenzie came to live in her furever home in California. Kenzie means “the fair one,” which comes from the surname Mackenzie, of Scottish Gaelic origin. Kenzie was in need of a home after her original owner abandoned her at a vet due to being unable to care for her. She apparently had serious skin problems, and was in pretty bad shape due to neglect. She was taken to a nearby shelter, All Breed Dog Rescue, located in Yucaipa California. Kenzie is a 2-year-old Wheaten Scottish Terrier, a gorgeous, sweet little girl with the most beautiful coat of silken golden hue fur. Her Gotcha Day is February 22, and her real birthday is unknown. She came with her microchip and her shots. She lived at the rescue for six months, while Mary, the owner and her team, nurtured her back to health, and totally cleared up her skin problems. They all loved her very much and called her a little lady.

Kenzie came home to Camarillo after a long car ride from Yucaipa, CA, around two hours away. She came home to meet her brother Brandy, our sweet boy, and has been adapting beautifully to her new home. Brandy is slowly getting used to having another Scottie dog in the house, and we have been giving him extra attention and love. She loves taking walks and is a very fast walker. They told us that she was not used to being outside on the grass, and she seems to be loving the grass and the sunshine. Kenzie is extremely affectionate to people and other dogs, and gives us kisses all day long! She has big paws to fill as co-canine executive officer of Modern Scottie Dog but we think she’s up for the job!


21 responses to “May we present…Kenzie

  1. She is one stunning Scottie. Can’t wait to see more posts about her!

  2. I’m reminded of my friend Kenzie the Westie (gone 10/5/12).

  3. What a beautiful little lady! My McKenzie is apparently misnamed because she’s black! Need to do more research before naming my furkids!

  4. We are so happy to hear Kenzie has a forever home. She is a beautiful Scottie.

  5. OH MY DAWGNESS!!! Y’all are sure lucky to have Kenzie. She’s a beauty! Thanks for being Scottie folks. ROOOOOOO!

  6. She is so pretty.

  7. Welcome Kenzie,
    From Hamish Macbeth
    Tartan Trouble
    MacDon Henley

  8. Sue Ellen Fitzgerald

    What a doll baby!! So glad you all have become a family.
    Lucy & Mac …(scotts from the land of Dixie)

  9. Welcome to Kenzie. What an enchanting little girl. My female brindle, Mamie
    took about six weeks to really get used to a little black male Scottie we rescued and had to call…Ike, It took six weeks before they were totally
    comfortable with each other. What Brandy doesn’t know yet is that the
    girls always rule the roost. All the best to your new clan.

    Kathy, Mamie and Ike, fellow Californians

  10. Congratulations on your new addition to your beautiful family!! I know Brandy will make an amazing big brother!!

  11. She’s a grand looking one!

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