Remembering Duffy’s Birthday

2/19/2006 Modern Scottie Dog Duffy was born 7 years ago today. Not a day goes by without thinking happy thoughts about our sweet boy! and calling Angus, Duffy šŸ˜‰



11 responses to “Remembering Duffy’s Birthday

  1. Duffy will never be forgotten! Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pics of your baby!

  2. So sorry about Duffy. I lost my Digby at 6 years old also. Not sure what he had. What happened to Duffy?

    • Duffy had cancer. He had symptoms, looking back, that may have been diagnosed differently but by the time we took him to the University of MN for imaging the cancer had spread through his body. I think he was just unlucky. Sweet boy!

  3. He’s with my Kenzie, the Westie whom we lost in October-also too young.

  4. Oh my. It’s so hard isn’t it? But it’s nice to have happy memories. (And I’m sure Angus doesn’t mind….)

    ArOOOOO! Stuart and Peeps

  5. Scotties grab your heartstrings and play tug-o-war for ever after. Kathie, Hamish, Trouble and Henley

  6. Hugs – I know he will always hold a special place in your heart!

  7. He was a beautiful boy and this post gave me great comfort as I just lost my sweet scottie girl Elizabeth, makes me feel not so alone in my grief, so thank you!

    • Oh XOXO’s never thought Angus would come into our lives so soon after losing our Duffy but once a Scottie mom always a Scottie mom! We are still getting a male wheaten puppy from Vintage Acres Scotties (Facebook) in WI, in April, so Angus will be the big brother! ps last notification there were puppies available!

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