May we present…Angus


XOXO to all of our Scottie and Westie friends! Today is a special day because  Angus came to live in his furever home in Minnesota. Angus was in need of a home after his original owner died and no one wanted to care for him. He was fostered, an hour away, by the founders of Lacy’s Legacy Scottie and Westie Rescue Organization in Minnesota, for only a few hours before I got the call. He is a 3 years old Scottish Terrier, we have his birth date and medical records. He has big paws to fill as co canine executive officer of Modern Scottie Dog but we think he’s up for the job!


17 responses to “May we present…Angus

  1. Linda Fitzpatrick

    He is a dogable and wish him all the best in his new home


  2. janet G Robertson

    Congratulations! Angus looks capable of following in Duffy’s paw steps ! He won’t ever take Duffy’s place, but reminders of how precious your previous Scottie was lose their sting and give you a sweetness in remembering.
    xxoo, Janet

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day Angus. I am so glad you got a forever home and a really great blog.
    Sweet William The Scot

  4. How wonderful!

  5. Of course he’s up to it. He’ll terrier-up!

  6. Wonderful news Angus…happy happy valentine’s day to you ❤

  7. I’m glad you have a new scottie friend and I’m happy that Angus has a loving new home. Happy Heart Day!!!! Janet Petrakis

  8. Welcome Angus Glad to Meet You!
    Hamish Macbeth
    Tartan Trouble
    MacDon Henley

  9. So delighted to hear this heartwarming news and have been waiting for it. Makes my Valentines Day. Angus just made a very soft landing and won the lottery. All the best to both of you…..Kathy

  10. Sue Ellen Fitzgerald

    How delightful!!!! Angus will adore his new ‘digs’ for sure…”love is in the air”.

  11. Gracie, who apologetically acknowledges her non-Scottie-ness, welcomes Angus to the Nokomis canine community. She looks forward to smelling him soon.

  12. Happy news for all concerned! And on Valentines Day. What could be better?

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