Brandy Barks…leash ideas?

Help! Calling all Scottie dog owners. And other dog owners too! Brandy broke his leash 2x running after 1) a very very small toad at night, about 1″, and 2) a rabbit. As Scottie dogs do, he darted so fast that you’d expect his peeps to go flying high, but instead he broke the leash handle and almost got away. So, today Brandy is going shopping for a brand new leash that he will sniff out and choose. In the meantime, any great suggestions? These Scottie dogs can be very quick and strong, and I don’t want Brandy getting hurt or lost! My baby! Let us know your suggestions on best leashes to buy.


13 responses to “Brandy Barks…leash ideas?

  1. I promise you this dog leash is Scottie proof – And I think they will make it in any color/length you want. You just have to email and ask. I have a leash, coupler and collar from them and it’s the best. I don’t think they will ever break.

  2. Sounds like you need a Gentle Leader to keep him from darting!

  3. A harness might be the better choice then a just a leash. It gives you more control. Sorry you had such a scare, but so glad that Brandy is okay.

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  4. i use a retractble leash with edgar, my scottie, only when we go outside potty. i’m too scaredthat if we used it on a long walk that it may fail to retract right as he’s darting after a squirrel and he will end up running after it into traffic. The retractable leash i have is for a larger dog than he is (up to 55 pounds, made by flexi)…the actual leash part is a thicker piece of flat nylon rather than the cord that the smaller dog versions have, and it’s designed to withstand the pulling of a dog twice his size, so it seems sturdier. for walks we use just a regular flat leash (maybe 5 ft long) and a harness that prevents him from pulling so much. good luck with your shopping!

  5. I’m a fan of the lupine brand after having a few pupsters in the last years. They have a free replacement policy even if your dog chews them. This is try they do replace them, I know from experience. I like the padded handle and they are very strong.I’m not a fan of retractable as I want more control with my Scotties – Hope that helps

  6. Of course I recommend the leashes I make from Scampering Scotties : ) And they have been tested by two Scotties that love to try and get away to chase anything that comes in their path (squirrels, rabbits, blowing leaves, etc). Hopefully you find one that works for you!

  7. I like collars and leashes from–they are very well made, strong and make my Scottie look magnificent!

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