This week’s discovery…vintage Scotties

Ever since Brandy came into our lives, my husband has been searching the Ventura County Swap Meet for Scottie Dog treasures. Here a few of them. 1. Ink & Pencil Drawing by a Disney Animator, Jock the Scottie from Walt Disney’s Lady and The Tramp 2. Hand-carved antler Scottie Dog 3. Solid Bronze Scottie Dogs 4. Bobble-head Scottie Dog. iPhone photos.


8 responses to “This week’s discovery…vintage Scotties

  1. There are so many great vintage scottie items out there! I actually did an Etsy treasury list earlier this month with some of my favorite vintage items on Etsy right now. I really love the bobble-head that you found!

    Here’s a link to the treasury —

  2. How fab! Did you buy any of these? 🙂

  3. sue ellen hall

    I have been collecting ‘scottie’ everything for 30 years. Is fun !! I imagine in time I will have to start selling pieces and hope to find other ‘collectors’ that enjoy them as much as I do. Keep looking and enjoy!!

  4. Awww…I remember Jock!! Great memories watching “Lady and the Tramp”…on the family VHS player! 😉 Awww…the 1980s!!

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