Follow up to Scottie Hero…Lassie II

MSD wants to share two messages we received regarding our profile on Lassie II, Another WWII Scottie Hero. This photo is from Tom Konantz, Walter Konantz’s son,

(Another picture of Walter Konantz and Lassie II, after the accident, in the UK)

“Walter Konantz was my father. Lassie II occasionally flew in the P-51. She was hit by an ambulance and the flight surgeon put her in a cast with a wheel. She recovered completely and was smuggled back to the US on a troop ship at the end of the war. She stayed with our family until her death in 1953 in California. She was shipped back to my grandparents house in Lamar, MO, in a cooler with dry ice,  for a formal funeral. The sale of that house after my grandmother passed on had a restriction that the headstone had to stay. Eventually it was moved from a vertical orientation to a flat orientation, but it is still close by.”

And from Debbie Good, Walter Konantz’s daughter,

I am Walter Konantz’s daughter, and I was two years old when Lassie died. My mother told me she avoided me when I was awake, but when I slept on a bed or couch she would sleep with me. We have snapshots of her sleeping with me on the couch when I was a baby.”


8 responses to “Follow up to Scottie Hero…Lassie II

  1. OH MY DAWG!!! What great stories. And doesn’t Lassie have the sweetest face in this picture???? Oh me.

  2. Thanks for the update – what a truly amazing dog and I agree that she does have indeed the sweetest face. Blessings ~ Patty

  3. Love this story..thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh wow! What an amazing Scottie! So inspiring!

  5. That’s go great that there was an ample amount of veterinary know-how back then to save Lassie’s leg! What an awesome story!

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