Brandy Barks…Best Costume Award!

Well, he may not win the “best groomed” Scottie Dog award, but he did win his first Best Costume Award in his breed! Brandy marched in his first Pet Parade and was the only Scottie dog there, all dressed up in his finest Tartan plaids sewn by MSD – tam, jacket, bagpipes and all! He was a big hit in the parade and got lots of applause. His first grooming was scheduled for before the parade, but as you can see, it was canceled. He is a fluffy, puppy dog, but no, alas, he didn’t win Best in Show for his breed, but for us he is our Best Dog Ever! Here is his prize – a canvas bag full of treats from a local pet store, Petropolis, with organic treats, doggie clip-on treat bag, natural shampoo & oral care, a cozy blanket, and dinner for two for the peeps. Nice! A day to be proud of my Scottie Dog Brandy!


12 responses to “Brandy Barks…Best Costume Award!

  1. Hip Hip Hooray!

  2. Aroooo s to Brandy. Hamish recognises the tartan bagpipes! Kathie, Hamish, Trouble and Henley

  3. Congrats, Brandy! By the way, I LOVE the scruffy look! I missed all of Taylor’s fur after she had her first grooming!

  4. What a handsome outfit. Where would a young Scott such as myself get such fancy duds?

  5. Wonderful picture – I agree I like the scruffy look, he looks more like a rugged Scotsman!! 😉 Patty

  6. You Rock Brandy – congrats. Your pals, Montgomery, Gillis and Gordon

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