May we present…Hugo and Dumbledore

Margaretha writes about her two Scotties Hugo and Dumbledore who live with her in Linköping, SwedenI have been owned by Scotties for the last 35 years, its just wonderful, today we have two Scotties, a youngster 10 months old, called Dumbledore after the Harry Potter story, in the family he is called Napoleon, and a 12 year old Scottie called Hugo, he is my stop smoking money Scottie, (I stopped 13 years ago and bought myself one more Scottie instead of the cigarettes, it was the best choice I have ever done). We have always had brindle Scotties and males all years. They own our hearts!





6 responses to “May we present…Hugo and Dumbledore

  1. Chancy and Mumsy

    Just adorable! Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Adorable scotties! I love Linköping, I fly to the airport there a few times per year for work.

  3. I LOVE Dumbledore’s fur color! And the head tilt! You can not go wrong with a doggy head tilt! 🙂

  4. joulesandprescott

    Adorable! Maybe I can get a “stop drinking coffee schnauzer”… 🙂

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