Dogs of the Day: Ebony and Ivory

Re-blogged from Dogs of the Day, in the The Local here’s adorable Scottie and Westie sibling terriers living in New York.

(photo: Ben Kuntzman)

Ebony and ivory

Live together in perfect harmony

Side by side on my piano keyboard

Oh, Lord, why don’t we?

OK, it may be the worst Paul McCartney song ever — but The Local can’t get that bit of treacle out of our head ever since we met Tony and Brannigan, two sibling terriers who are today’s Dogs of the Day.
Brannigan, the ebony in this extended descent into the post-Beatle apocalypse, is a Scottish terrier. His pal, Tony, is a Westie. They both pal around with Nicki Boone (best known for her starring role at the Primrose Cafe).
Like any pair of siblings, Brannigan and Tony’s personalities complement each other. Brannigan is painfully shy, recoiling from affection like a disenchanted spouse, while Tony snuggles up (though he’s mostly looking for treats).
And Tony always exploits his brother’s passivity.
“Tony is spoiled,” Ms. Boone told us. “We walk the way Tony wants to walk, and Brannigan is forced to follow along.”
But they love each other, so maybe Mr. McCartney.

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One response to “Dogs of the Day: Ebony and Ivory

  1. What a cute pair! Just like Black and White Whiskey!

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