Out and About…Scottie glass

Here a few vintage finds from our Mount Dora, FL adventure. We visited every Antique store in Mt. Dora on a hunt for Scottie dogs. Here are a few of the treasures we found. I just love these sweet ceramic dogs, and the glass Scottie is perfect for pennies, jelly beans or my MSD cards. This greeting card is not vintage, but a wonderful quote. iPhone photos. Mt. Dora, FL


8 responses to “Out and About…Scottie glass

  1. OK…see that tchotchke in the upper left photo? The bigger black and white one with the horizontal stripes? We’ve got that one, too! And We think that’s cool, because We’ve never seen one like that. Wonder what the story is on that one? Love Scottie things!

  2. It’s got to be more than coincidence! I have several of the scottie statues in my small collection. A dear friend Carol from nothingbutscotties. gave me the clear scottie holder. I use it as a tea bag holder What a nice start to my day!

  3. great quote on that last one!

  4. I have many of those items shown but just love that quote! May have to add it on my email signature 😉

  5. I’m so jealous! I’m in love with the glass Scottie, especially! Now you’ve inspired me to do some vintage Scottie shopping myself! 😉

  6. Aww, they’re all lovely!

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