Meet Koko, Shop dog on duty

The Modern Scottie Dog had the pleasure of meeting Koko, dog on duty, a retired Greyhound, at Piglet’s Pantry Bakery and PetSupplies, Mount Dora, FL.


7 responses to “Meet Koko, Shop dog on duty

  1. We have a full house now of doxies but for out next pet we are planning on adopting a retired greyhound. Another beautiful dog! ~ Patty

  2. Shop dogs are the best aren’t they? I love running into one and always have to give an ear scritch or two.

  3. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award which your richly deserve. Please check out my blog for details –

  4. That Piglet’s Pantry place sounds great!! Did you buy anything?

    • Yes, I bought a Scottie key chain with trinkets on it, a Scottie car decal, and a nice tartan harness. But the most special item was their freshly baked peanut butter treats which Brandy just loves! We still have some left and nothing compares to these. Freshly baked at their bakery on site. He refuses to wear a harness though! I will take a photo and post this. Brandy is very stubborn!

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