Hero Scottie…Stuka, Mascot of the Memphis Belle

The Modern Scottie Dog is honored to present a true Scottie Hero and Great Scot, Stuka, Mascot of the Memphis Belle, The True Story of Captain James Verinis and Stuka, His Scottish Terrier, written by Jamie Verinis, and available to buy here. We contacted Jamie Verinis and he wrote us…My father loved Scotties and I think he would be thrilled to be part of your blog. I have many copies available for sale on Etsy (over 100). ‘An animal lover like his dad, Jamie Verinis naturally wanted to share the story of Stuka, his father’s faithful companion during the war, with children as well as their parents. The two worked together on this book before James died in 2003.’

Jamie’s father was Captain James Verinis, co-pilot of the WWII B-17 bomber plane, the Memphis Belle.  From the intro…Stuka, a little black ‘Scotty’ was born in England and was living in a pet shop in London when Captain Verinis found her and brought her to live with him where he was stationed, at the US Army Air Corps barracks near Bassingbourn. While the United States and its allies fought the Nazis in the European theatre, Captain Verinis and Stuka became great friends. Together they helped boost the morale of soldiers everywhere they went. Stuka became known as the ‘mascot of the Memphis Belle.’ While Stuka was a dog and not an Army Air Corps officer, she was a faithful companion of the crew of the Memphis Belle (she even had her own dog tags like the soldiers did!). After they completed the requisite twenty-five missions in Europe, the War Department made a wonderful film about the Memphis Belle.

Captain Verinis and Stuka (photos, collection of Jamie Verinis)


6 responses to “Hero Scottie…Stuka, Mascot of the Memphis Belle

  1. Chancy and Mumsy

    Very interesting…thanks for sharing this story. Stuka was a cutie. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. What an amazing story! We have a Scottie in the USA’s history of military dogs! A proud moment! 🙂 And thank you so much for letting me know about Mr. Virinis’s book and how to get it!

  3. Here is a video of the Crew and Stuka. Enjoy! I would be interested in knowing how old she is in the video. In the middle they bring her to the microphone for a moment, British accent and all, and she looks like she is approx. one years old.

  4. Scotties are actually ‘big dogs, just small packages!

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