Out and about…Door County Scottie Rally Farewell

MSD hopes that you have enjoyed our photos of the Door County Scottie Rally as much as we had taking them. We had the best time meeting all of these sweet Scotties and their peeps and hope we captured the pure spirit of fun and cuteness! We move on now to other celebrations and travels, Out and About with Brandy and Duffy, traveling the world, meeting other Scottie friends and their peeps, and learning more about life with our beloved Scottie dogs.


6 responses to “Out and about…Door County Scottie Rally Farewell

  1. Janet Robertson

    Yes! Thank you so much for your wonderful photos of all the iconic beauty of the braw, bonnie, cute, comic sweetness of the Scottie dogs you met at the Door Co. celebration. I loved my Scotties fiercely and your web site helps fill that Scottie-shaped hole in my heart. Mollie MacFarlane and Fanella Belle (Nellie) have trotted across the Rainbow Bridge, but I hope to be owned by another one fine day !

  2. Thank you so much for the super-cute photos!
    BTW, how do Duffy and Brandy handle long-distance traveling?

    • Thanks for the shout out! We love photography and pet photography has it’s own challenges but great rewards! Duffy is OK with auto travel – doesn’t mind the car. Brandy hasn’t traveled yet but a trip along the CA coast is in the works, think he’ll like it.

  3. I enjoy seeing the pics from Door County:)
    Nice to see one of girls on this page:)

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