Out and about…Door County Scottie Rally

Bagpipes, kilts, Scotties in tartans & tams at the Door County Scottie Rally. If we met you at the Scottie Rally give us a shout out we’d love to hear your stories, too!


18 responses to “Out and about…Door County Scottie Rally

  1. There’s our buddy Hamish Poritz Craig struttin his stuff upper right.

  2. Oh my golly! These are great pictures! Little Scottie butts waddling after the pipes! Love it! And, hey, some of them look as wide as I do. So maybe I’m not fat after all???

    Aroooooo! Stu Meister

    • Thanks Stu, we love Scottie bootie, too! The Scotties kept those bagpipers to a quick pace on their heels the entire parade – and the Modern Scottie Dog field photographers were right there with lenses six inches off the ground to capture it from a dog’s perspective! Ha! What fun!

  3. There’s a ticket coming for the Scottie in the picture (lower left) for crossing the double yellow line. Photo enforcement.

  4. Connie Bartholomew

    Love all the photos you took. I introduced myself at parade but the did not get a chance to chat.

    • I know, sorry we didn’t get a chance to talk! The Modern Scottie Dog moms were out and about getting right in those Scottie faces to get their photos! It was a lot of fun seeing everybody!

  5. Great “talk to the tail”photos !!!

  6. Kathie Poritz Craig

    Hello, I am wearing The GRANT Clan Tartan and an authentic Tam-O-Shanter. Maam and I have an agreement I will wear my Tam proudly unless it covers my eyes. I will then sit down and not budge until it is adjusted.
    The 2011 DCSR we borrowed a tape recorder from our friends Mary, Larry, Gommie, Gillis and Gordie and played Red Hot Chili Pipers bagpipe tunes . My doggie-sized bagpipes are just for looks.
    Maam Kathie, Hamish and too naughty to go with Trouble and Henley

  7. It’s hilarious that I was JUST about to comment on the adorable shots of the Scotties’ bum-bums, but your fabulous readers beat me to it! 😉 LOL!!

  8. These are very handsome. You do well photographing your black dogs. The Duffy & Brandy portraits are great. I find photographing black dogs a challenge!

  9. Love Scotties & thanks for following

  10. Well, they’re certainly Scotties doing as they ought…! Out and about enjoying themselves…. and their Mistresses and Masters too!
    A wonderful blog full of fun and mischief…. just as it ought to be… 😉

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