Out and about…Door County Scottie Rally

Here’s some new friends we met at the Door County Scottie Rally. If we met you at the Scottie Rally give us a shout out we’d love to hear your stories, too!


6 responses to “Out and about…Door County Scottie Rally

  1. They let Westies in at a Scottie rally? I won’t tell Kenzie-he’ll want to go next year. You have no idea what it is like spending thousands of miles cooped up with Kenzie in a small car.

  2. We were there! It was so much fun! We have 2 scottys. Anabel & Maggie. Maggie is our rescue. I just want to say that my friend Kathie (Hamish’s mum). Her grandaughter, Trystta is a angel. She is 13 and Maggie and her have bonded at last years and this year rally. Maggie was abused and is scared of men and children. And seeing the 2 of them together was priceless. I wish we lived closer to Trystta. She has a definte touch with animals. Now if I knew how to attach apic of the 2 I would.

  3. Lovely photo, thank you for the posting.

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