May we present…Argyle

We have the pleasure of introducing Argyle

Tunia writes…Here is Argyle who will be 10 in October. He is a very sweet boy as you can tell! Argyle’s official name is GlenRoslin’s Hi Ho Silver because his coat is silver brindle. I named him Argyle because his coloring reminded me of the Argyle socks my mother used to knit. They had silver- grey diamonds outlined with black and white lines. Hence the name ‘Argyle.’ He LOVES to play with his Fat Cat toys and push a socker ball around with his nose. He goes on two ‘walkies’ every day so gets plenty of exercise. As you can tell, he likes to have his picture taken and can be quite a ham. He’s my heart dog and I call him “My Best Boy.”


5 responses to “May we present…Argyle

  1. what a handsome guy!

  2. he is very handsome Tunia and I love his name …..

  3. I wish I had an official name.

  4. Darling Scot…love the name

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