May we present…Rosie

Introducing Rosie. Peggy writes…Rosie is quite a character…she is a beautiful Scott, and has such a personality. Having problems getting her to go outside…she just would rather be in the house. I call her my “house mouse’. We are finally finished with the puppy teeth, nipping at fingers, etc. She still will come up and nibble on my big toe to let me know she wants attention. Scottie Friends


7 responses to “May we present…Rosie

  1. What a little cutie!

  2. She is a beautiful Scottie Lass

  3. Rosie is so beautiful.

  4. Rosie is ADORABLE!!! It’s funny you mentioned the toe thing…Taylor always licks her mommy’s and daddy’s toes to get our attention. I know this is a silly question, but is it a Scotty thing…or just a dog thing?

  5. Janet Robertson

    She’s a beauty – thanks for posting.
    “House-mouse Rosie
    Nibbles your toesie
    To let you know
    When she wants a pat.
    Mustn’t pout,
    But, it’s time to go out,
    She’s a bonnie, thrawn Scottie,
    Noo think o’ that !”

  6. Hi Rosie! You are adorable!
    Bella and DiDi

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