May we present…Ginger & Jazz

We’re happy to share Ginger and Jazz. Thelma writes…Well, Jazz came to us from Kansas City, MO, she was born on Aug, 28, 2004 and we got her the first week in October, we had her flown in, we picked her name because my husband and I love Jazz music, so we named her Mo Jazz, her official name is Adirondacks Mo Jazz –  I’m not in Kansas any more. My husband didn’t really want a Scottie but I talked him into it, and now he is in love. As for our new baby, she is our wheaten girl, she came from Adrundel, Maine. She was born march 28, 2011, and we picked her up June 19, 2011, and what a handful she was…a true Scottie attitude, we were going to name her Ella, after the Jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, but after we saw her she was the color of ginger root and since my husband loved to cook we opted for Ginger instead, lol so her official name is Adirondacks Gingersnap…(the Adirondack part is from the area where I live in the Adirondack mountains, NY).


6 responses to “May we present…Ginger & Jazz

  1. Oh what beautiful girls:)

  2. Kathleen Craig

    Scotties and Jazz are tops in my picks of favorites!

  3. What a couple of cuties!

  4. Love that picture of Ginger on the fly

  5. They are adorable:)

  6. Thanks for sharing! They are adorable!
    Bella and DiDi

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