May we present…Angus MacGregor

The Modern Scottie Dog is delighted to meet Angus MacGregor, his owner Jill writes…he was born in Middlefield, MA his parents were both show dogs but
he leads the “simple life”. He now lives in Dutchess County, NY with
his sister (littermate) Addietude , a Westie sister MacKenzie, a horse
named Fly and two cats, Jag and O.C.. He loves going for walks, car
rides, being brushed, going to the beach and eating. He’s a certified
Delta/Pet Partners Therapy Dog and goes to nursing homes where he is
very patient and loving with the residents. Agility is something he
also enjoys and he is extremely easygoing always happy and never seems
to have a bad mood or day.


7 responses to “May we present…Angus MacGregor

  1. I love his eyes…

  2. Angus is adorable– love his puppy-dog eyes in the 2nd picture! His sister’s name “Addietude” cracks me up.

  3. Angus is a very handsome boy! Love the name Addietude!!

  4. What beautiful Scotties! They have always been one of my favorite, although we have always owned Dachshunds. Looking forward to following your Scotties. I like the comment regarding Angus’s name “attitude”! He just knows he is adorable!! ~Patty

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