May we present…Hamish Macbeth

Introducing Hamish Macbeth the Scot. Kathie writes…Hamish Macbeth is named for a Highland detective from MC Beaton’s series. My other Scotties are – Tartan Trouble, (I was pretty naive buying a Scot already named Trouble), and his brother MacDon Henley (of the Eagles band fame). We live in southeastern Wisconsin. Hamish and I will be attending the Door County Scottie Rally held in Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin, May 19.  I’ve included a photo of him taken at last year’s parade. It’s a Scottie Lover’s Heaven. We also have volunteered at The Midwest Pet Expo and participate in The Wisconsin Highland Games held every Labor Day in their Celtic Canine Exhibit. I am so proud of Hamish when we visit my mother’s assisted living residence. He adores her but visits his many fans there as well.

I haven’t deliberately excluded brothers Trouble and Henley but we are still working on our canine manners. Slainte, Kathie, Hamish, Trouble and Henley.


4 responses to “May we present…Hamish Macbeth

  1. Hamish Macbeth is very dashing in all his tartan gear! And I adore the head tilts in the last picture!

  2. Cheryl fugate

    I am still laughing (with love) at Hamish’s kilt, we hope to attend the door county party in the near future with our 4 Scottie’s. We also have a trouble but his name is Ramsey.

  3. Very nice pic of all of you:)
    We will see you at the scotty rally!

  4. Hamish looks very chic! What an outfit! 🙂
    Bella and DiDi

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