Follow Friday…Biscuit & Baci

The Modern Scottie Dog would like to present Biscuit and Baci from Alexandria Virginia –  “We are 2 wee lasses, who own 2 wee hoomans, Mom Anita and Dad Joe.  Biscuit is 10 years old and a sweetie pie.  She is a national certified Delta Society therapy dog.  She worked for 6 years at our local hospital for the dept of rehabilitation and also did therapy work for Hospice.
Baci, aka The Bacinator is our wild and woolly 8 year old ‘Queen of the Moor’.  Baci is the protector of the homestead and comic relief for all in our neighborhood.  She is a pure delight and smiles all day, excerpt if a squirrel/vermin/tree rat dares to enter onto our domain.
What both wee lasses love the most are TREATS!!!!  Mom Anita makes most of them out of all organic ingredients, so B&B can be as healthy as possible. Second to TREATS, are belly rubs, walks in the park, visiting hooman grandchildren, and did I mention TREATS!!!

photo: Dearge’s Pet Portraits


15 responses to “Follow Friday…Biscuit & Baci

  1. Janet Robertson

    Biscuit and Baci are BEEEutiful ! Thank you so much for posting – I miss my Mollie MacFarlane and Fenella Belle so much and seeing photos & hearing stories like yours makes me happy !
    Janet G. Robertson

  2. Hi Biscuit and Baci!

  3. Thank you Modern Scottie Dog for featuring our beloved scotties. We are delighted each and everyday that they are part of our lives!!!!

  4. PS hi rumpydog xo

  5. thanks Janet Robertson…..I am sure your beloved Mollie and Fenella are not too far away xoxo

  6. Biscuit and Baci are the best!

  7. Diane Schaefer

    Arrrrooooo Biscuit and Baci!!! What a wonderful way to start Hallie’s and my day to read about you in the news!!!! We love you!!!!

  8. Wow! Celebaties in our midst! Wonderful article!

  9. thanks Sondra, we love you too xoxoxoxo

  10. thanks GAH xoxoxo Miss you!

  11. So cute! Thanks for following my photography blog. Appreciate it!

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