Out and About…collar story

I love collars, the colors, patterns, textures and designs. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t collect collars and leashes, except I am always on the look out for tartans…of any kind! I also prefer soft fabrics, and red, for Brandy. But I still love these! I will continue to capture the many collars and leashes on my travels throughout LA. Send me your faves. iphone photos.


2 responses to “Out and About…collar story

  1. I just found your site (via you liking my page on facebook) and am so glad I did! It looks like I have some catching up to do on your past posts : ) I have two scotties, and we used to live in St. Paul– so I loved the post about MN Tartan day! Looking forward to following your site… Sarah

    • Thanks, Sarah we’re delighted to meet you too! We would love to share your stories and photos on our Follow Friday feature – if you like, send your info to info@modernscottiedog.com, where did you meet your Scotties, their names and ages, and things you love. We love ETSY, too!

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