Out and About…vintage scottie pins

Vintage Scottie Pins. These are some of the vintage scottie pins from Spot! Los Angeles. I loved these when I saw them. iphone photos.


6 responses to “Out and About…vintage scottie pins

  1. Oh my gosh, my Lee would love to have anyone of those pins.
    Sweet William The Scot

  2. sue ellen " Lucy & Macklebee"

    Yeah!!! Someone else loves scottie pins. Between old and “new” over 30+ yrs I’ve collected them…fun isn’t it !!!

  3. I love your blog. I am a follower now. We had a scottie dog when I was little called Jock. Apparently my favorite thing to say was where’s Jock. It used to drive my parents crazy. Mum used to put me out on the verandah in my stroller and Jock used to stand guard. Seeing these photos brought all the good memories back. Thank you. cheers Judy

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