Follow Friday…Jack and Dottie

Bee Duffy from Belfast shares Jack and DottieI had been looking for a Scottie for a while, but couldn’t find any breeders in Ireland. Then I discovered STECS, the Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme. I emailed them and a lovely lady, Karen, got back to me to say she had a 5 year old Scottie named Jack whose owners, were returning to South Africa and couldn’t take him with them…we went to Malahide, a beautiful seaside town. We met in a car park and, after a lot of tears and sadness all round, we put Jack in the car and drove him to his new home. He’s a lovely old boy, a bit grey at the edges but loyal, friendly and well behaved. He likes fish, paddling in the sea and pig’s ears.

About a year and half later, I got an email from Karen. She had a little Scottie girl, called Dottie, who would be a perfect companion for Jack. We arranged to meet at the beach. Dottie, who had probably never seen the sea before, was terrified. Despite her unfortunate start in life, she is the most friendly and affectionate dog I have ever had. She is fearless with other, bigger, scarier dogs but terrified of traffic. She is also the greediest dog I have ever had and can find food in places we wouldn’t even think of. When she first arrived she was over excited by almost everything (some times doing a tiny wee, out of sheer joy!) she rarely kept still, but she learned from Jack that she had to stop jumping up and down long enough for me to put her lead on to take her for a walk.


5 responses to “Follow Friday…Jack and Dottie

  1. It’s always lovely to see and hear about rescues being happy in their forever home brightens my day.

  2. OH MY DAWG! What a happy story! We LOVE these stories. I can’t imagine having my peeps give me up to move. (You know what happened to Frasier over at The Scottie Chronicles.) I really can’t believe this happens. BUT, thanks to rescues like this, these pooches are well loved with caring homes.

    Ah. It does my Scot heart good to hear this.

    Rooooodle-e-oodly-OOOooo, Stuart

  3. I applaude the STECS for the work they do…and thank you, MSD, for having the outlet to let me and other owners know that such organizations exist! I’m wondering, being that Scots typically are particular in which doggies they get along with, is it common to have 2 Scots get along as well as Jack and Dottie do?

  4. …or maybe it’s just MY dog that is particular! 😉

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