May we present…Scottish Terrier MoMo

The Modern Scottie Dog just found Scottish Terrier MoMo on Facebook. MoMo lives with her owner, Elley, in Taipei City, Taiwan. She writes, MoMo is 4 and a half years old. She is a very sweet but also very naughty, and a funny dog. Here are photos of MoMo in a kimono, she’s beautiful! All of Elley’s photos are wonderful. We love MoMo!


16 responses to “May we present…Scottish Terrier MoMo

  1. Surely that should be a kimomo?

  2. Hi Momo! Very handsome!

  3. Hi Rumpydog, Thank you ~ I also have MoMo dressed up montsuki-haorihakama (The special dress for groom) I hope you’ll like it 🙂

  4. Very handsome in a kimono!

  5. MoMo is soooo adorable! Are Scots a popular breed in Taiwan?

    • Thank you Jessica 🙂
      Scottie is kind of rare breed in Taiwan. Most of time when I walked MoMo around in the park, people thought she is a “Back” Schnauzer. haha~

  6. She is too cute in her kimono!

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