May we suggest…

Scotties and photography by Foto Nomad on flickr, and website, Terra Photography. Foto Nomad writes: “I have 3 wonderfully naughty Scotties (Annie-belle, Laurie Lei, and Abby). Actually they are darlings and of course my fav models (when they are in the mood to be photographed of course!). They are probably a bit unusual for Scotties as they are also involved with various doggie sports such as agility, obedience, rally, and of course, hunting rats in earthdog. Alas we do not see many (if any) Scotties when we compete so try and represent the clans as best we can.” ©All rights reserved by Foto Nomad


5 responses to “May we suggest…

  1. They are beautiful. We have a black Scottie named Simon Henry & a Wheaten named Gordan

    • Thanks for following the Modern Scottie Dog, we’re delighted to meet you! There are several photographers I have found on flickr who post amazing photos of Scotties – which, from my recent pet photography experience, are not the easiest subjects to photograph! The Modern Scottie Dog loves to post photos and stories to share with our readers, please send us some photos of Simon Henry and Gordan, and a little info about them, where they live, etc, if you like!

  2. The four snotties Scottie’s from Pa are also working in agility, we have titles from masters, open and novice along with rally title. Uless we are at Montgomery we are the only Scottie’s running agility at shows we take part in. Would love to see more!

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