May we present Brandy’s tartan…

Brandy in his snazzy tartan wear. Hmmm…notice the two different tams, velvet coat and tartan jacket, pleated kilt and a belt too! All MSD creations. We are waiting to get his bagpipes and then we are all set. We think Brandy and Duffy look pretty handsome in their Tartan Scottish fashions and hope to get more photos soon. All ready for the Tartan Day parades! Hope you like. They do…


4 responses to “May we present Brandy’s tartan…

  1. These are your own creations???
    Sweet William The Scot

    • Yes, Brandy’s red kilt is re-cut / sewn from a children’s pleated skirt and the Black jacket re-cut, too. Duffy’s coat and kilt were patterned off them and cut and sewn from plaid fabric for the kilt and the coat is reversible with blue felt / plaid. I have enough sewing skills but fitting a dog’s body is new to me. Walking around the Capitol he started to lose his clothes so I had some emergency pinning. He was the ONLY Scottie dog at the gathering of clans…I know hmmmm…but on viewing him he was called out by the announcer!

  2. Hi Brandy!!! We think you look awesome!

    Mel, Jon and Lily

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