The official Minnesota Tartan

The colors found in these tartans are symbols of Minnesota. The primary color in the Minnesota Tartan is Blue. Read about Minnesota Tartan Day. (Minnesota Dress Tartan, top)

•    Blue for The Land of 10,000 Lakes, the royal blue background of our state flag, the blueberry in our state muffin.
    •    Green for the forests and fields, the Norway Pine (the state tree) forestry, fishing, and conservation of the environment.
    •    Dark Pink for the pink in the showy Lady Slipper (the state flower) and the heart of the people. When the color runs through the blue, it becomes purple, the color of the thistle, Scotland’s national flower.
    •    Yellow/Gold for the fall colors, maize, the yellow Lady Slipper, a color found in the agate (the state gemstone), and the Monach butterfly (the state butterfly), and the color trim on our state flag.
    •    White/Ivory for the white in the loon (the state bird), snow, the morel (the state mushroom), and milk (the state drink).
    •    Black for the black in the loon (the state bird), highways and byways, and wild rice (the state grain).


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