Carnegie Mellon’s Mascot

Go Tartans! Canine enthusiast Bill Cosby gave Carnegie Mellon a Scottish terrier to serve as the university’s first live mascot! While Scotty is the mascot’s stage name, her real name is Maggie. Scotty made her official debut at the 2008 Homecoming. The mascot lives with Professor Larry Cartwright and her “brothers,” other Scottish terriers, Chase and Murray.

The Scottish terrier has long been a Carnegie Mellon icon, tracing back to founder Andrew Carnegie’s own pet. The Scottish terrier was selected for its alert, intelligent expression and physical attributes that exemplify strength, power and agility in a small frame.


4 responses to “Carnegie Mellon’s Mascot

  1. Does anyone know who the breeders were of the Carnegie Mellon Scot Bill Cosby gave as a mascot?
    Sweet William The Scot

  2. This is from the on-line article – The Scottish terrier Cosby chose comes from a Canadian breeder based in Calgary.
    Here’s the link for more info.
    Glad you enjoyed the post!
    – Connie and Janet

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