Happy Birthday to Stuart at The Scottie Chronicles

Everyone at Modern Scottie Dog, Brandy and Duffy wishes Stuart a Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Moi!!.

via The Scottie Chronicles.


7 responses to “Happy Birthday to Stuart at The Scottie Chronicles

  1. Happy Birthday Stuart!
    Hope we can meet someday.

  2. Whoa! What a great site you have here you guys! Thanks for the shout out and the Birthday Wishes!! We’ll be sure to come back often.

    ArooooooOOOOO! Stuart

    • Hello, Stuart, we’re delighted to meet you!
      Thanks for following our lead at the Modern Scottie Dog. Brandy and Duffy bark daily about Things we Love. From profiles to petography, Scotland to San Francisco, cupcakes to collars, consider us your field guide to all things Scottie.
      – Connie and Janet (Co-Founders)

  3. We seem to be following Stuart today!
    Yep we will be back also.
    Sweet William The Scot

    • Thanks for finding us. We checked out your site, too! We love that you’re our new friend! – Brandy and Duffy

  4. Stuart, you are a dog after my own heart. My Kenzie also has a lovely white blaze on her front, and so do 2 of her litter mates, although hers is the most pronounced. It makes her easier to spot in the garden at night, or when she is silhouetted against the window.

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