Dental care + dog wellness

Today I took Duffy to Lulu&Luigi, Minnesota’s Premiere Pet Grooming Boutiques, for a plaque reducing treatment and teeth brushing. Good dog dental hygiene is important for a dog’s wellness and owners need to be brushing their dog’s teeth daily and get a full cleaning by their vet.

Duffy had a cleaning at the vet’s office for the first time at age 5. Today’s plaque reducing treatment + teeth brushing is a good thing to do quarterly, and at $25, is a lot less in cost than the full-blown treatment. It’s an easy, 30 minute preventative procedure for your dog. I also bought Ark Natural’s Breath-less chewable Brushless-Toothpaste. Lulu & Luigi recommended this daily or every-other day chewable treat with a toothpaste center for plaque, tartar and bacteria control.


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