Best Dog Ever Organic shampoo from Mirasol Farm

Duffy has a beautiful shiny coat and (knock-on-wood) no skin allergies which can be common in Scotties. I purchased a bar of Best Dog Ever organic dog shampoo at a local craft fair from the owners of Mirasol Farm, River Falls, WI. I love this soap. It foams up just like liquid shampoo and rinsed easily. The fragrance is light and fresh. The shampoo bar soap can be purchased at their shop on ETSY.

“We handcraft our soap in small batches using certified organic and responsibly harvested oils, botanical ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible, and the finest of essential oils – never any artificial colors or scents. We bevel the soap edges so the bars are easy on the hands and body right away.”

“Our dog soap is the mildest formula shampoo we make, suitable even for wee sensitive ones and rich with organic oils to keep coats smooth and shiny. It’s scented with a light essential oil blend that includes citronella to help repel the no-see-ums.” Vegan, organic and biodegradable. No artificial colors, fragrances, or additives.


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