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Welcome Molly MacGregor!

Molly MacGregor

Our sweet Molly MacGregor came to our home in California! She is 8 weeks old. Kenzie was ready to greet her and kissed her as Molly came in the house and rolled over on her back. Check out our first video on Facebook at

We are madly in love already and Kenzie is doing great with her. She is tiny, tiny, tiny! Molly is a black Scottie. She follows Kenzie around, plays, loves her toys and is doing well with her first day of house training and crate training. Wow. This is sure new for us, having a puppy. We got Brandy when he was 9, and Kenzie when she was 4. I will keep posting pictures of our newest baby. What pure joy to have two Scottie dogs in our home!

Happy Birthday Winston!


Angus and Winston – February Photo Session

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Vintage Scottie Collectibles #scottieobsessed

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VOTE for WINSTON – facebook cover terrier photo contest

MSD entered WINSTON in a local photo contest – calling all terriers! Yay VOTE for WINSTON on the Sidewalk Dog Facebook Page. Here

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VOTE as many times as you like for our WINSTON, Scottish Terrier for cover photo terrier contest | local Sidewalk Dog here


Happy New Year!